This photo shows the polishing station used to build the Strock 250 mirror. You can also see the fake mirror and the mirror stand on top of the station.

This stand is a very important part as it will hold the mirror while you’re working on it. At the end of the polishing stage, the mirror and the tool are so strongly stuck to each other that you sometimes need to apply a 30 pounds lateral pressure to separate them. This is why you need a sturdy stand to hold it. You also need to be able to turn around the station which makes this a really good design as long as you apply some weight at the bottom to stabilize it.

This stand is based on Jean Texereau’s book “Construction du telescope d’amateur“. It is made out of solid oak and a thick particle counter top left over. It is important to have a water resistant surface as you will have to wash it frequently during the grinding and polishing process.

  • Project: Polishing Station
  • Technology: Circular saw
  • Material: Oak, particle board
  • Project Year: 2007