The good thing about having a CNC at home is that you can build all kinds of small items in a little time. I wanted to create Christmas ornaments to send to my family in France but I didn’t want to do it by hand so I decided I would create them using the CNC.

The first step is to create a 2D model of your ornament using a CAD software. To fasten the process, I grabbed a few PNG drawings from the internet and converted them in SVG using the free software Potrace. I opened the SVG with Inkscape and saved it as a DXF file.

The produced DXF is opened in the CAD software (Rhinoceros 4.0 in my case) and converted to G-Code which is then read by the CAM software (Mach3).

  • Project: Christmas Ornaments
  • Technology: CNC, file
  • Material: 1/4 in Birch Plywood
  • Time: 1 day