Build Your Own AllSky Camera

This guide explains how to easily build your own allsky camera and operate it.

For this project, you'll need the following parts:

ASI Camera from ZWO
Fisheye lens
Raspberry Pi 2 or 3
Wifi dongle
USB cable (type A to B)
Some Plywood (1/4")
Acrylic Dome
4" ABS pipe (1 ft)
4" ABS end cap
4" ABS threaded adapter
4" ABS plug

Here's the suggested assembly process:

  • Cut and assemble the plywood stand
  • Screw the Raspberry Pi onto the plywood board
  • Attach the camera to the stand using a 1/4" bolt
  • Screw the fisheye lens onto the camera
  • Plug the camera to the Raspberry Pi using the USB cable
  • Plug the Wifi dongle if you have a Raspberry Pi 2
  • Cut a hole in the ABS cap for the camera
  • Assemble the ABS housing and seal joints with silicon
  • Attach dome with silicon too

Now, we need to install an operating system and the code to run the camera.