I built this guitar after reading the “Building Electric Guitars” by Martin Koch. The book details every aspect of the construction from choosing the wood to winding your own pickups.

I purchased the wood at Langevin & Forest in Montreal. The body is cut in a laminated White Ash blank, the neck is carved in mahogany and the fingerboard is made out of Rosewood. For the woodworking part, you will need a jigsaw or bandsaw and a router to carve cavities for the bridge and pickups.

The hardware and electronic parts were ordered from Stewmac.

Approximate bill of materials (not including tools):

Wood: $50

Bridge: $100

Pickups: $50 x 2

Tuners: $35

Other (truss rod, switch, electronics): $145

Shipping: $35

Total: $465

This cost is equivalent to a decent electric guitar (without labour cost). However, almost half of this money was spent in high quality pickups, bridge and tuners which can usually be found on more expensive guitars.

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  • Project: Electric Guitar
  • Technology: Router, jigsaw, planer
  • Material: Ash, Rosewood, Mahogany, Flamed Maple veneer
  • Time: 4 months